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Why transparency is an important quality for online casinos

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Bettors want to know that the table or slot games they play are fair and cannot be influenced by a casino. Therefore, online casinos that are honest and reliable will always retain their clients. From bonuses to cash withdrawals and betting odds, understanding how a casino works is essential. Here’s an insight into the technical jargon used by online sites and how understanding these terms can be of benefit.

Check the Return to Player percentage

Return to Player (RTP) refers to the total amount that will be returned to a player, in the form of winnings, compared to how much they wager. In more simple terms, the RTP expresses the odds of winning when you play a machine. Almost all slots are programmed with a different RTP. Some RTP rates benefit the player and help to attract more bettors. Others can sink to between 85% and 95%, which gives the house a pretty strong advantage.

The RTP of any slot game you play regularly should be fair – moreover, it allows you to establish what betting budget you’ll need. Publically displayed RTP information is a great way for online casinos to ensure that players feel confident in using their site.

Jackpot variance and slots

Variance refers to the frequency of jackpot wins that a machine delivers and what they amount to. Lower variance games pay out little and often. Higher variance slots payout rarely but have bigger jackpots. Casinos should clarify which slots offer low variance and which offer higher rates. At Kings Casino, you’ll find plenty of choices when it comes to slots, table games and novelty titles. There’s also a great selection of bonuses and jackpots, so you can select games that offer the type of variance you prefer.

Random number generators for fair results

Random number generators (RNGs) are pieces of software that use mathematic systems to produce random results. The algorithms simulate the experience of betting in a real casino for online players. So, whether you like the slots or table games, an RNG produces the cards or lines you are dealt. As players are relying on the genuinely random nature of these generators, casinos must confirm that they are fair. Licensed casinos are compliant with various regulations around RNG software. So, if you do feel skeptical about RNGs or worry that the results could be manipulated, check that the online casino you plan to join is fully licensed before parting with any cash.

Betting requirements explained

Putting money in and taking it out when you hit the jackpot seems straightforward, but there are pitfalls to avoid. By accepting a bonus, you will also be accepting the wagering requirement that goes with it. For example, the casino gives you a $20 bonus with a 10x betting requirement – as a result, you will have to spend $200 on bets before you can withdraw any winnings. Confusion around bonuses and requirements can result in customers feeling cheated, so look for casinos that display their terms clearly.